2007-2013 Toyota Tundra Body Kits

2007-2013 Toyota Tundra Body Kits by Duraflex

In 2007 Toyota released the first generation full size truck called the Tundra. This was a reset from their first full size truck model the T100. The Toyota Tundra was a major leap forward by Toyota and made them a legit player in the fullsize truck market. The Toyota Tundra offered really good styling in stock form. However this does not mean you cannot customize the Tundra and make it look better. For instance we offer a full catalog of Toyota Tundra body kit and styling upgrades. In addition to body kits for the Tundra we also offer fenders and custom hoods as well. In other words it is our goal to provide you the best service and lowest pricing when ordering a Toyota Tundra Body Kit.

Tundra 4″ Off Road Bulge Fenders

One of the most necessary modifications for lifted trucks with oversized wheels and tires is upgrading the front fenders. By replacing the stock fender with a bulge offroad fender we are able to provide 4″ of additional clearance on each side. This provides the tire to have much more clearance while articulating over obstacles and turning at the same time.

Tundra Viper Look Hood

Another best seller for the first generation Tundra is the Viper Look hoods we offer. We carry this custom Toyota Tundra hood in both fiberglass as well as carbon fiber hood versions. The Vented design allows both cool air to enter the engine bay and for the hot air to escape out. Improving engine cooling is only part of the benefit of installing a Viper Look hood. Secondly these hoods look aggressive yet very sleek and stylish.