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About Aero Function Brand Body Kits and Aerodynamics

Are you shopping for a body kit for your luxury vehicle? Check out Aero Function Body Kits from Extreme Dimensions. Applications available for vehicles from Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, Lamborghini, Porsche and more. Additionally Aero Function body kits are built with quality in mind. Secondly the styling on Aero Function body kits really will set your vehicle apart from the rest. When you fit your vehicle with a body kit from Aero Function you will radially transform it’s appearance. Shop our full catalog of Aero Function body kits at Driven By Style LLC. Our friendly knowledgeable staff is standing by to assist you.

Aero Function body styling upgrades are handmade in GFK (Glass Fibre Komposite), CFP (Carbon Fibre Plastic), and Pur Rim (Polyurethane Plastic). Our products founded from the roots of motorsports, not only further enhance the appearance of your vehicle but to also improve functionality and performance. Furthermore we have over ten years of experience in the engineering and manufacturing  aerodynamic components for high-end luxury vehicles. This provides us with incredible leverage to provide our customers with high quality products and tremendous value.

All Aero Function products are handmade in our own factories. Our specially trained employees produce high quality parts that meet the demands of our most discerning customers.