Duraflex Circuit Series Wide Body Kit and Fender Flares

Duraflex Circuit Series Flared Body Kits

The Circuit Body Kit by Duraflex is taking the custom car by storm in 2019. These fender flare kits inspired by the Japanese company such as Liberty Walk are changing the scene all over the world. These kits will give your vehicles a massive wide stance to use wider wheels for better traction. Most flare kits are an average of 3 inch wider then stock. Whether you are a drifter, racer, or just want to be a show stopper, the Circuit line will get the job done.

Duraflex offers the Circuit body kit for multiple makes and models. The popular models are the BMW E92 / E46 / E36 3 Series, Honda s2000, Nissan 350z / 370z, and Dodge Challengers. Other Makes and Models would include Ford Mustang, Hyundai Genesis, and Mazda Miata. For the Toyota Tundra lovers, they do have one for them as well. These kits are all made in the Duraflex material.