1993-1998 Toyota Supra Body Kits

1993-1998 Toyota Supra Body Kits by Duraflex

Toyota’s most revered sports car in it’s history has to be the fourth generation Supra. The 1993-1998 Toyota Supra was ahead of it’s time both in styling and technology. Fast forward to 2019 and the MK4 Supra is now truly legendary in Japanese car culture. We offer a complete catalog of Toyota Supra body kit and styling upgrades. In addition to body kits we also offer wide body conversions, fenders, spoilers and carbon fiber hoods. In other words we have all your aerodynamic needs covered when modifying your Supra.

MK4 Supra TD3000 Wide Body Kit

The TD3000 wide body kit is our featured body kit for MK4 Supra’s. This body kit replaces the front fenders and adds rear over fenders. The additional clearance of the wide body fenders allows for a much more aggressive wheel and tire combination. Stance is considerably improved by widening the tire patch and greatly increases handling capability. We offer the Supra TD3000 widebody in 8 piece and 10 piece versions. TD3000 Wide Body Kit – 8 Piece includes Wide Body Front Bumper Cover (102526,) Wide Body Rear Bumper Cover (102529), Wide Body Side Skirts Rocker Panels (102531), Wide Body Front Fenders (102527) and Wide Body Rear Fenders (102530). Similarly the TD3000 10 piece includes all these parts as well as TD3000 Hood (103570) and Wide Body Rear Wing Trunk Lid Spoiler (102532).

MK4 Supra Carbon Fiber Hoods

One of the most common upgrades for MK4 Supra is weight reduction. Similarly the installation of a carbon fiber hood is one of the best ways to reduce weight. We carry 4 different styles of Toyota Supra carbon fiber hoods. Styles include DriTech Race V Hood, DriTech Race D Hood, TD3000 Hood and the TS-1 Hood. Of these 4 carbon fiber hoods we are sure that one will suit your style and needs.