2009-2019 Nissan GTR R35 Body Kits

2009-2019 Nissan GTR R35 Body Kits by Duraflex

The R35 Nissan GTR is the flagship model for the Nissan brand. The GTR is a vehicle that epitomizes performance, technology and styling. Since it’s release in 2009 Nissan has continued to refresh and update the GTR every few years. Even with the GTR being a vehicle that grabs attention everywhere it goes you can still improve on it. Therefore when you browse our body kit and aerodynamics catalog we are certain you will find parts that peak your interest. Finally do not hesitate to use our live chat feature or give us a call at 916-476-3925 if you have any questions. In conclusion it is our goal to bring you the best service at the lowest prices on the internet.

We carry a full selection of body kits and aero upgrades for the R35 GTR.  Nissan GTR R35 products include wide body kits, fenders, fender flares, front bumper lips, front and rear bumpers and wings and spoilers. In addition we also offer carbon fiber hoods and custom fiberglass hoods. Upgrading the hood aids in cooling as well as weight reduction over stock. For instance any time you can get hot air out and cool air into the engine bay you are going to be doing your car a favor.

Nissan GTR LBW Wide Body Kit

The Duraflex LBW body kit for the Nissan GTR is inspired by the popular Liberty Walk style originating from Japan.  We offer the Duraflex LBW body kit in four different versions including a 6 piece, an 8 piece,  and 13 and a 14 piece versions. Our 14 piece GTR wide body kit includes LBW Front Bumper (113505) LBW Front Splitter (113506) LBW Front Fender Flares (113508) LBW Rear Fender Flares (113509) LBW Rear Diffuser / Splitter (113510) LBW Rear Wing Spoiler (113512).

The staff at Driven By Style has been delivering Duraflex body kits to customers for 10 years now. We are experienced at body kit sales and can provide you with all the information needed to tackle your project. We pride ourselves on our service and always guarantee the lowest price on GTR body kits. Finally we ask that you visit our online store at www.drivenbystyle.com and take a look at all the performance and suspension upgrades we also offer for the R35 platform. In conclusion our goal is to be your one stop shop for modifying your GTR.