1998-2006 Lexus LS Body Kits

1998-2006 Lexus LS Body Kits by Duraflex

1998 marked the release of the second generation Lexus LS. The Lexus designers evolved with a more rounded and sleek design over the boxier first generation. Lexus owners love this refined style and luxury and demand the most from any body kit they may purchase. Our Lexus LS body kit catalog offers front bumper replacements, side skirts, door cap add ons and rear spoilers.

Lexus LS Front Bumpers

We offer 2 different unique design front bumpers for the second generation LS. Additionally these can be mixed and matched with the side skirts the customer most prefers to create a custom body kit.

Lexus LS Door Caps

The door caps we offer for the second generation Lexus LS makes the body look more bold and muscular. Additionally they really compliment the side skirt and how the door and skirt flow together.

Lexus LS Side Skirts

When it comes to the side skirts we offer 3 different versions. Similarly we offer versions for both the LS400 and long body LS430. Pick the skirt you like most to complete your Lexus LS body kit.

Driven By Style also offers performance and suspension upgrades that can get your LS sitting right once you install your body kit. From coilovers to lowering springs and even air suspension kits we have you covered. Finally our staff has 10 years of experience in assisting LS owners upgrading their vehicles. In conclusion it is our goal to give you the best service and lowest pricing possible.