1990-1997 Lexus LS Body Kits

1990-1997 Lexus LS Body Kits by Duraflex

The first generation Lexus LS is seeing a resurgence in interest in the VIP car community. The big body design of the original LS really looks great with customization. Are you looking for Lexus LS body kits? We offer several styles of bumpers and side skirts that you can mix and match to create your ideal Lexus LS body kit.

Lexus LS Front Bumpers

We offer 2 different front bumper designs for the 1990-1997 Lexus LS. Similarly the Forte front bumper and VIP front bumper both provide classy sleek designs and lower the body clearance significantly. When coupled with an aggressive suspension setup and proper wheel and tire combo it really transforms the look of the LS.

Lexus LS Side Skirts

In our Lexus LS body kit catalog we have 3 different styles of side skirts to chose from. Installing side skirts on the first generation LS lowers the rocker panel clearance and makes the body look much more aggressive and sporty.

Duraflex Forte Wing Trunk Lid Spoiler

This rear spoiler is very small and simple but makes a big impact on the overall look of a modified LS.