2000-2009 Honda S2000 Body Kits

2000-2009 Honda S2000 Body Kits by Duraflex

Back in late 1999 Honda released it’s modern roadster named the S2000. The Honda S2K as it was nicknamed brought with it excitement as this new powerplant showed true potential. The high revving vtec motor and top down convertible styling made the S2000 and enthusiasts delight for years to come. Although the S2000 looks great in stock trim we are confident we can improve on it. Therefore we invite you to browse our vast catalog of Honda S2000 body kit and styling upgrades. For instance we offer 8 different style body kits for the S2000 including some great looking wide body conversions. In other words we can turn your S2000 into your dream car.

Honda S2000 JS Body Kit

One of our most popular S2000 body kits is the JS body kit from Duraflex. This body kit is based on the popular J’s Racing brand from Japan. This body kit is available in 2 configurations. The first version is a 5 piece kit which includes Front Bumper Cover (105023), Front Splitter (105024), Side Skirts Rocker Panels (105025) and Rear Bumper Cover (105026). Similarly the 7 piece kit includes everything from the 5 piece kit and adds JS Fenders (105027).

Honda S2000 AM-S Body Kits

Duraflex offers the AM-S body kit in 2 versions for the S2000. The first version is the AM-S 4 piece body kit. This body kit includes AMS Front Bumper Cover (105916), A-Sport Side Splitters (105919) and A-Sport Rear Bumper Cover (105920). This body kit is for standard sized wheel and tire combinations.

For owners looking to squeeze some seriously wide wheels and tires under their S2K we have a wide body version available. For instance the AM-S wide body kit will allow you to add wheels and tires that are up to 3″ wider than stock. This body kit replaces the stock front fenders and adds rear flares to accomplish this. Included in the AM-S wide body kit are 8 Pieces. Parts include AMS Wide Body Front Bumper Cover (106023), AMS Wide Body Side Skirts Rocker Panels (106024), AMS Wide Body Rear Bumper Cover (106025), AMS Wide Body Front Fenders (106026) and AMS Wide Body Rear Fender Flares (106027)