1996-2000 Honda Civic Body Kits

1996-2000 Honda Civic Body Kits by Duraflex

Following the success of the EG Civic, Honda followed it up with the release of the EK in 1996. The new Civic was more stylish and rounded than the previous generation and power delivery was increased. The EK Civic like the EG before it quickly grew in popularity with the wave of sport compact enthusiasts that were coming into the car community. Available in coupe, sedan and hatchback models the EK Civic had a version to suit everyones lifestyle. At Driven By Style we offer a complete catalog of Honda Civic body kit and styling upgrades. In other words we have you covered when it comes to customizing your Honda Civic.

Honda Civic EK Body Kits

Duraflex has been a leader since day one when it came to body kits and styling upgrades for the EK Civic. We currently offer 11 different complete body kits for the coupe, sedan and hatchback models. Popular styles of EK Civic body kits include Buddy Club 2, AVG, Buddy Club and R34 style. Similarly we also offer plenty of bumper and side skirts to create your own custom body kit.

Honda Civic EK Urethane Type R Front Bumper Lip

Above all the most common upgrade many Civic EK owners do is adding a front bumper lip to the stock bumper cover. Couture Polyurethane offers the stylish Type R style bumper lip for EK models. For example the addition of a front lip lowers the bumper height in the front and gives the car a more sleek and stylish appearance. Additionally the polyurethane construction allows this lip to take more abuse than a fiberglass bumper would withstand.