1992-1998 BMW 3 Series E36 Body Kits

1992-1998 BMW 3 Series E36 Body Kits by Duraflex

Looking for a BMW E36 body kit? Look no further than our 1992-1998 BMW E36 Body Kit and Aerodynamics catalog. We carry a full line of body kits and aerodynamics for the 3-Series E36. Additionally upgrades include fender flares, fenders, front bumper lips, side skirts, spoilers and more. Finally Driven By Style has 10 years experience as an authorized Duraflex dealer and guarantee the lowest price. In other words we have you covered on E36 body kits and styling upgrades.

E36 Duraflex Circuit Body Kit

Looking to go widebody on your E36? Check out the Duraflex Circuit Body Kits. These kits are based on the popular JDM Liberty Walk body kits and significantly widen the fender clearance. Additionally this will require the use of wider wheels and tires. Duraflex Circuit Wide Body Kit 8 Piece includes Circuit Front Fender Flares (113442) Circuit Side Skirts (113443) Rear Fender Flares (113444).

E36 1M Front Bumper

Duraflex has released the ultra popular 1M Style Front Bumper for the E36. This bumper cover has modern styling that translates flawlessly on the E36 body. Update the look of your BMW 3-Series E36 today.

E36 M4 Style Front Bumper

The newest offering from Duraflex is the M4 Style Front Bumper. The E36 M4 Style Front Bumper adds modern style of the current generation M4 and the result is beautiful. We feel this front bumper really updates the look of the E36 with an aggressive yet luxurious look.