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Duraflex Front Bumper Buyers Guide

Are you looking for a custom front bumper for your vehicle? Check out the Duraflex front bumpers we offer that replace your OEM bumper cover. These are full bumper replacements and will transform how your vehicle looks. We carry bumpers for many vehicle makes and models with over 1100 bumpers available. At Driven By Style we have been selling Duraflex front bumpers since 2009. We guarantee the lowest everyday price and back it up with great customer service. If you have any questions on Duraflex bumpers please use our live chat feature or call us at 916-476-3925.

How Do Duraflex Front Bumpers Install?

When you receive your new Duraflex bumper the first step is to unpack it and inspect it for damage. Once you have verified your bumper has arrived without damage then sign for delivery and it is time to go to work on your project. To begin you need to remove the OEM front bumper cover from your vehicle. Once the OEM bumper is off the car you will need to see which if any of the original hardware is going to work with the new bumper. The new bumper will need to be held up to the vehicle and the fitment checked for accuracy. Most bumpers will require some amount of trimming, fitting and modifications to achieve perfect fitment. Once the fitment is verified then it is time to drill mounting holes. It is always necessary to go through this dry fit and test install before you get ready to prepare the part for paint.

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