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Duraflex Fenders Buyers Guide

Are you looking for custom fenders for your car or truck? Check out our Duraflex fenders we carry with over 350 applications to chose from. Duraflex offers custom styled fenders for most popular cars and trucks. Upgrading to a set of widened or vented fenders can make a big difference in the look of your vehicle. For instance our truck customers are always wanting more clearance for their tire when running over sized fitments or suspension lift kits. Our sport compact and sports cars customers are always looking for a nicely styled fender that can take their look to a new level. In conclusion no matter what you drive chances are we probably offer fenders for it. The staff at Driven By Style is standing by to answer any questions you may have over live chat or by phone at 916-476-3925.

How Do Duraflex Fenders Install?

Once you have received your new fenders you will want to unpack them and place them out on a work table. Next you will need to start disassembly on your vehicle and remove both fenders from the car. Once you have the OEM fenders off and all the hardware set aside you need to do a test fit of the new fender. Place it against the vehicle and check the panel gaps and how the fender aligns. If everything checks out it is time to drill all the mounting holes in the factory locations. You want to loosely install all the bolts finger tight before you start to tighten anything. Move the fender into alignment starting with the hood and door jam panel gaps. Once the fender is in proper alignment start tightening the bolts starting in the door jam then down the inner rail against the hood.

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Driven By Style LLC 10 Year Anniversary
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